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All events will count towards CPD

4 Breakfast briefing on varied topics

Upcoming Events

  • 02 Feb 2021, 15:00 – 16:00
    Live via Zoom
    What role can gold play in portfolios in 2021 and beyond?
  • 23 Jan 2020, 08:00 – 10:00
    MFS International UK, 1 Carter Ln, London EC4V 5ER, UK
    As society changes and in particular working patterns shift, what might be the driver of a pension imbalance for the next generation? In our next session we will discuss the current pension gap, its drivers and ramifications – but we will also explore what could be the cause of the next pension gap.
  • 20 Sept 2019, 08:30 – 10:00
    Invesco, 43-45 Portman Square, Marylebone, London W1H 6LY, UK
    In this session, we discuss the benefits of a diverse workforce and how to manage unconscious bias; learn how to recognize and overcome those unintentional stereotypes and improve and support diversity in the workplace.
  • 05 Jul 2019, 08:00 – 10:00
    AXA Investment Managers, 7 Newgate St, London EC1A 7NX, UK
    In this session, we discuss how to develop a powerful personal brand both inside and outside of your organisation.


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Past Events

Event #4: 24 January 2019

Sustainable Investing: Views across the industry





Sustainability and ESG investing is quickly becoming an integral component of investor's objectives around the world. In this forum we will have 3 speakers representing major stakeholders in the investment industry: asset owners (Brunel Pension Partnership, LGPS); investment consultants (Willis Towers Watson); and asset managers (MFS).


We will have breakout sessions giving you the chance to have a genuine interaction with each speaker on how they integrate ESG and Sustainability in their daily investment decisions, and how they believe this will evolve over time.




Lior Jassur is a Fixed Income Research Analyst at MFS and also serves as Director of Fixed Income Research Europe. In this role, Lior is responsible for identifying the most attractive investment opportunities in his assigned universe and work closely with portfolio managers to ensure ideas are properly positioned within portfolios.


Helen Price joined Brunel from the Avon Pension Fund. Whilst at Avon, drawing on knowledge built from her BA (honours) in Business Studies and from working in different sectors, Helen led the implementation of the funds' first climate change analysis, oversaw the responsible investment reporting and assisted with performance monitoring. At Brunel, Helen works closely with the CRIO on the promotion and implementation of responsible investment, leading voting implementation. Helen also works alongside the wider investment team in integrating responsible investment.


Adam Gillet is Head of Sustainable Investment at Willis Towers Watson. This involves leading the integration of sustainable investment in WTW's research, solutions and client delivery.



08:00 : Registration & Breakfast

08:30 : Welcome & Opening Remarks

08:35 : Breakout sessions x 3

09:35 : Summary/Discussion 

10:00 : Close



MFS International

1 Carter Lane

London EC4V 5ER

Event #3: 20 September 2018

Ghost of Disruption: Past, Present, Future


Without disruptions in life, where would we be?


This is the age of disruption! We see it at a macro level in terms of protectionism and populism/nationalism; as well as micro, mainly in the technological space. These have not only affected cyclical growth and inflation in the markets but also created an impact across the global political-economy. Arnab Das, Global Market Strategist at Invesco, will aim to take us on a journey across these different aspects and how they impact our investment outlook.



Arnab Das is Global Market Strategist in the EMEA region and a member of Invesco’s Global Thought Leadership team. He works with Invesco’s investment teams across disciplines and regions and is a member of Invesco’s Global Investor Forum Advisory Council with a focus on global macro and emerging markets..


Arnab joined Invesco in 2015 as Head of EM macro research for Invesco Fixed Income. He began his career in finance in 1992, and has served as Co-head of Economic Research & Strategy at Roubini Global Economics; Co-head of Global Economics & Strategy, Head of Global FX Research, and Head of EM Economics & Strategy at Dresdner Kleinwort; and Head of EEMEA Research at JP Morgan.


Arnab’s studies were in macroeconomics, economic history and international political economy. He received an AB from Princeton University in 1986 and completed his postgraduate and doctoral work at the London School of Economics in 1987-1992.


08:00: Registration & Breakfast

08:30 : Welcome & Opening Remarks

08:35: Ghost of Disruption: Past, Present, Future – Arnab Das

09:35: Debate

10:00 : Close



43-45 Portman Square

Event #2: 19 July 2018

Big Data, Machine Learning and the Future of Investment Consulting




Big Data and Machine Learning are one of the most talked about terms in the last few years. Opinions vary on whether the arrival of ‘the machines’ is good or bad for us, but few disagree that change is coming. Given the noise around the topic, Gideon Smith, European Chief Investment Officer for Rosenberg Equities, will aim to simplify what these terms mean and which current trends might impact us the most.


The rise of fiduciary management and the recent press around the CMA review have also put investment consulting in the limelight. The nature of consulting has changed over the last 5 years and no doubt will continue to evolve, but how? Tim Gardener, independent trustee and former investment consultant, will share his experience of the industry and how it might evolve.



  • Gideon Smith, European CIO for Rosenberg Equities. Gideon is responsible for overseeing the investment strategies managed by the London team. He previously held a number of positions, including Europe Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Director of Client Services and Head of Strategy Engineering for Europe. Prior to joining Rosenberg Equities, Gideon trained as a chartered accountant with Arthur Andersen working in their Financial Markets Division in London, before working as a senior software developer at Avid Technology.

  • Tim Gardener, Independent Trustee. Tim is a member of the investment committees of a small number of UK pension funds and other institutional investors where he gives advice on a range of investment matters with particular emphasis on broad investment strategy and investment governance. Apart from a six year spell at an asset manager, Tim spent all his working life as an investment consultant both advising clients on all aspects of investment and running Mercer’s global business for nearly 20 years.


Thursday, 19th July2018


08:00 : Registration & Breakfast

08:30 : Welcome & Opening Remarks

08:35 : Big Data and Machine Learning

08:50 : Future of Investment Consulting

09:05 : Debate & Networking

10:00 : Close


7 Newgate Street



Event #1: 12 April

Millennials – who are they and why do they matter?





The term “millennial” has been widely reported, but has yet to be officially defined. Simplistically, it is used to describe people born between early 1980’s and mid-1990s, i.e. those now in their young adulthood. Millennials currently form 13.6% of the total UK population and 22.2% of the UK workforce (source: UN data) and this figure is only set to increase. What does this mean for our economy and how can companies best target these individuals?


Those companies, whatever their genesis, who struggle to target millennials could easily find themselves in a challenging position within the next 10 years. Millennials face a newer set of challenges than the baby boomers and Generation X that went before them. This group of people are likely to be working longer than ever, have a vastly greater life expectancy, amassed larger student debt at a time where living costs are high and are the greatest cohort within DC pension schemes.



  • Amlan Roy, Global Chief Retirement Strategist at State Street, is an experienced Global Macro Researcher specialising in Demographics & Pensions related to Economics, Investments and Public Policy. During this session, Amlan will highlight millennials place in our population, their importance to our economy and structural issues related to gender disparity and youth unemployment.

  • Lucy Cooper, Innovation Director at Accenture, supports clients by unlocking growth trapped in client businesses. Lucy will spend time myth-busting common misconceptions on millennials and how companies should access this demographic.

  • James McManus, Investment Manager at Nutmeg, Europe’s leading online investment management business charged with the aim of changing the way people manage their money by building an investment management service that is intelligent, straightforward and fair. James will seek to address both the communication and investment challenges faced by Nutmeg. What does a standard Nutmeg client look like?

  • Q&A


Thursday, 12th April 2018


08:00 : Registration & Breakfast

08:30 : Welcome & Opening Remarks

10:00 : Close

State Street

20 Churchill Place


E14 5HJ

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